This agreement is being made between Lets Party Entertainment and __________________________.

Lets Party Entertainment agrees to provide recorded music as entertainment at the following:

Type of Event: Start time:
Date of Event: Stop time:
Location: Number of Guests:

The agreed price for this event is $________ for the first four hours of the event. If the event runs over stated time, the additional charge will be $75 per half-hour. This price includes disc jockey and single amp sound system.

Terms of Agreement

       Lets Party Entertainment will provide all necessary equipment to fulfill this engagement, and will set up said equipment in advance. The customer will need to provide two (2) tables at least six feet long and access to an electrical outlet within 20 feet of table. If the event is held outdoors, you will need to provide cover from elements such as direct sun, rain, dew, etc. In the event the customer can not supply shelter, we will supply one for an additional charge of $50

       Your DJ will provide the musical format for the time period as outlined above. Aside from any special requests, made prior to the event date, it is understood the responsibility for choosing the music is the performing DJs. We will apply experience and knowledge to factors such as crowd reaction, requests, age of guests, and good taste.

       If a specific DJ has been requested, we will make every attempt to ensure that DJ performs. If the requested DJ should become unavailable, another qualified DJ will perform.

       Client accepts full responsibility and agrees to be liable for any damages to the sound, lighting and CD equipment or media in the Talents possession that is caused by Client, his/her guests, customers, patrons, students, etc.

       We ask the customer to provide an itinerary for the event and a list of other vendors at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event.

       Lets Party Entertainment asks that, in addition to the customer, one person is appointed in charge. This provision is to assure our protection and proper direction as to who says, turn it up or down or play this or that _________________________________.

       A non-refundable deposit of $_______ is required at the time of endorsement of this contract with the balance of $_________ due immediately upon the conclusion of the event.

       The DEPOSIT must be received by the DUE DATE in order to guarantee date and price. If your deposit is not received by this date, your booking may be released and new booking arrangements will have to be made by contacting our office.

       If at any time during the event the customer or a guest of the customer notifies Lets Party Entertainment that special lighting (strobe) or other effects (fog machine) should not be used due to medical condition (epilepsy, asthma, etc.). Lets Party Entertainment will stop the use of such equipment immediately. If such a situation should arise, Lets Party Entertainment shall not be penalized in any manner for discontinuing the use of such equipment.

       In the event that any provision of this contract is not fulfilled, the liability of Lets Party Entertainment is limited to the dollar amount paid by the client. This contract supersedes all oral commitments and any changes are to be made in writing.

       Over-time is available for an additional fee of $75 per half-hour and is based solely on the availability and discretion of the DJ.

       Gratuities, while not expected, are always appreciated for a job well done.


Please sign and return contract along with deposit: Steve Harvey, within 5 days of receipt to reserve your date. A copy will be returned to you. Make all checks or money orders PAYABLE TO STEVE HARVEY. If you have any questions, please call (301)237-7759.


This contract is entered into as of the date of signature. I/We hereby agree to adhere to all terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, and by affixing signature hereto, Customer agrees to hold Lets Party Entertainment and it agents/employees harmless for any damages not directly caused by Lets Party Entertainment and its agents/employees.

Lets Party Entertainment guarantees satisfaction or your money back.

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